Don’t Be A… Richard III Diaries


What’s that, Rebecca? You don’t have enough on so you’re now Assistant Director on Masque Theatre’s infamous Summer Shakespeare for 2022?


And delighted about it! Earlier this year I had to back out of lots of theatre things because life, and covid, got in the way. So it’s a wonderful thing to be working on some more Shakespeare, especially as it’s alongside the one and only Mr John Myhill. We’ve directed a Pantomime together before, so Richard III wont be all that different, will it? (Oh yes it will! – sorry/not sorry)

Fun fact: John and I, despite having worked on 8 productions together including this one, have never actually shared a scene IN PERSON (he played my dad in Pride & Prejudice, and then we got married at the end of Much Ado About Nothing (spoilers…) but those were both over Zoom…)

Tonight it’s the first proper rehearsal. I always get a little nervous ahead of a first rehearsal – god knows my first rehearsal for Duchess of Malfi was a freaking disaster thanks to nerves, and I barely remember the first rehearsal for Defying Gravity as I was such a mess – but I’m going in tonight excited to get to know all the new people who are joining the production, and of course see some old friends. I’m also running a movement warm up to kick things off, which is waaaaaay out of my comfort zone, so hopefully that’s all going to go swimmingly…

Plots have we laid…