Don’t Be A… Richard III Diaries


Part 1

So we’re almost a week into rehearsals!

In community theatre, a week doesn’t actually get you that far – that’s why rehearsals begin months in advance of the show dates. Richard doesn’t actually take to the stage until the end of July, so we’ve got almost 3 months worth of practicing before the real deal.

WIth a professional production, you can set aside solid weeks of rehearsal time, when you’re in the rehearsal room all day, every day. But that’s just not an option for those of us doing it purely for the love of it (as opposed to doing it for the love of it, AND getting paid for the pleasure…)

Three rehearsals a week, each around the 2hr mark. 35 rehearsals, give or take, so that’s 210hours, ish. And these are hours after long days at work, or at the weekend when you should be resting… it’s not an easy gig!

That’s why the love of it has to be strong! We’re currently rehearsing Wednesdays, Sundays and Mondays, which is knackering me out and I’m not the one learning lines and blocking!

I can tell you this now, though. One week in, and we have a spectacular show on our hands!

Thu 28 July – Saturday 6 August 2022 at 7.30pm
 (no performance on Sunday)
Performed in the open air in the courtyard of Abington Park Museum, Park Avenue South, Northampton NN1 5LW