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This week, we’re talking to Antony Newby, musician and actor

Antony Newby

Tell us a bit about what you do in theatre

I work as an actor, music director and sound design with the Playhouse Theatre and Masque Theatre.

What first inspired you to get involved in theatre?

I have always enjoyed performing, mostly as a musician. I am generally quite an introvert, so being on stage allows me to let out the other side of me – I got involved only recently when a friend told me about an open audition, and someone gave me a part.

What shows have you worked on?

Playhouse Theatre, Northampton’s Jekyll and Hyde 2018
Antony Newby and Kevin Evans
Photo: Vicki Holland

I’ve played Dr Lanyon in Jekyll and Hyde, Playhouse Theatre and also been musical director and sound design for Treasure Island, Masque Theatre.

Which productions have you most enjoyed being part of?

Two very different productions in different venues, but performing in the Holy Sepulchre in Treasure Island is special – it has great acoustics.

Masque Theatre’s Treasure Island 2019
Ste Applegate as Shanty Man, and Antony Newby on guitar
Photo credit: Joe Brown

If you could play any role what would it be?

I’d love to play Mark Antony in Julius Caesar, just for the ‘oh pardon my thou bleeding piece of earth…’ soliloquy. I also think Frankenstein would be great fun – big dramatic parts, storms, heavy atmosphere, lots of fun!

Do you a memorable story about theatre you can share with us?

Back when I was at primary school I was cast as the Alien King in the school play. Unfortunately, I broke my leg a few weeks before the show. As I was limping around, all the other aliens also had to limp around.

What’s the best thing you’ve seen on stage?

I think The Pope at Royal & Derngate last year was amazing, and the last touring version of Hamlet that the RSC put out was great (currently available to watch on iPlayer), Masque Theatre’s take on Madame Bovary and Wet House by The Playhouse Theatre were both brilliant.

Masque Theatre’s Madame Bovary at The Playhouse Theatre 2018
Julia Langley as Emma Bovary, Lou Chawner as Charles Bovary
Photo credit: Joe Brown

What do you love about your local theatre community?

I’ve only been in Northampton four years, and I came from Derby, which is not much bigger. Northampton has such a vibrant performing arts scene. Derby doesn’t get much theatre, whereas Northampton gets some of the best touring shows, has it’s own repertory theatre which trickles down into some truly great amateurs productions.

Northamptonshire also loves its live music, and a lot of pubs still have bands on, which usually keeps me very busy.

What have you been doing theatrically during lockdown?

I have been lucky in still being able to work from home, but I have used my additional free time to make music videos, which are great fun, and keep the old guitar skills up.

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Intermission Interviews are the work of Becki Cockcroft and Matthew Neuenhaus. Becki is Marketing & Press Assistant at Northampton’s Royal & Derngate theatres, and a freelance marketeer, designer and photographer, and Matt is Marketing Officer for Birmingham Hippodrome.