Intermission Interviews


Missing theatre? Wondering what your local theatre folks are up to? Me too.

That’s why I thought it would be the perfect time to kick off a brand new interview series with those Northampton people who have the pleasure of working on and off our local stages.

Here in Northampton we have the fortune to have a fantastic mix of venues – from the combination of commercial and home-produced work on the stages at Royal & Derngate, the variety of shows on offer at The Deco at the Old Savoy to the amazing array of amateur productions taking place in smaller theatres like The Playhouse on Clare Street, community centres, churches and courtyards around the town. Right now, thanks to coronavirus, the opportunity to perform in these places is impossible. But that doesn’t mean there’s not theatre being made, or work not going on behind the scenes.

The Intermission Interviews will focus on who the people are who make your local theatre, plus find out what they’re up to while the theatres are closed.

If you’re interested in taking part, please send an email to becki @ and I’ll be in touch!

Disclaimer: As a furloughed employee of Royal & Derngate, I can’t be there right now to help the fight to keep the venue alive in these hard times. What I can do though is share the fundraising campaign – Help Bring Us Back Together If you love theatre, and you are able, please check out the page to see what you can do to ensure the jewel in Northampton’s creative crown will still be there when this pandemic is over.