Photography: Bette & Joan


I was absolutely delighted to be asked to shoot the artwork photography for White Cobra’s upcoming tour of Anton Burge’s Bette & Joan a little earlier this year.

The play, based on the true story of Bette Davis and Joan Crawford’s feud on the set of film Whatever Happened To Baby Jane? features Victoria Miles as Bette and White Cobra co-founder Kate Billingham as Joan. The artwork for the film is incredibly striking, and directing Martin Borley-Cox wanted us to replicate the high-key, dramatic flavour of those original posters. Vicky Kelly’s stunning make over of both actors is amazing, and I’m sure audiences are going to be delighted when the show tours in Spring 2022.

All shot with a black backdrop, and one lightbox with a diffuser (plus improvised blackout panel on a wall to stop the light bouncing back) then edited in Lightroom/Photoshop.

Find out more about the tour, by visiting the White Cobra website

Bonus mucking about pictures: