Photography | The Ladykillers


Duston players are pretty much responsible for getting me back into theatre – so it was a pleasure to pop along to a rehearsal for their next show for some photography

Back in 2017 I joined my local amateur group, ostensibly to do some of their publicity and maybe get to tinker with my camera again for the first time in a while. Somehow I got roped into being in their next production and thus began my renewed love affair with the stage, and also the start of some amazing friendships.

Director Tim Dwelly asked me to design the poster and programme for their Spring 2020 production which is always a great deal of (slightly stress-filled) fun.

I also got to head over to their rehearsal room for an early rehearsal for The Ladykillers, adapted from the film of the same name by Graham Linehan (Father Ted). If this few hours I witnessed is anything to go by, it’s going to be one hilarious production!

Rehearsal photos are some of my favourite things to shoot, as there’s so much opportunity for the actors to play.

Sadly, The Ladykillers was postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic – visit for updates on when it will go ahead.