Twisted Tales & New Challenges


There’s a month to go before Masque Theatre’s next production – Twisted Tales, and it’s the most daunting thing I’ve ever done theatrically. EVER.

No, I’m not directing, or acting, or stage managing, or teching… this is a whole new area for me… Twisted Tales is three short plays with a decidedly wicked edge to them, and one of them, The Cabin on Deer Hill, was written by me <shocked face emoji>

I still haven’t got my head around it, if I’m totally honest. I’ve dabbled with writing for years, but never actually got around to finishing anything – I fall out of love with projects too quickly and find myself bouncing on to the next.

When it was announced that Masque were looking for new works for a spooky production, something I’d written for a creative writing course a few years ago popped back into my head. It wasn’t finished. It was a screenplay. And very much in first draft format. But after a couple of days of tinkering, I thought perhaps it could be shaping into something.

I doubted it would be ready for anyone though, and, with total honesty, I didn’t like it very much. Why, on earth, had I written a Thriller when they’re usually the type of plays I don’t get on with?

Nevertheless, I submitted it. Why not, I thought? I’d nothing to lose.

It was a huge surprise to hear it had been chosen to go forward to the Scratch Night – a night where a group read sections from a number of plays – and even more of a surprise when, in the middle of a performance of Twelfth Night in Shropshire, I found out it had been chosen to go into production!

I’ve been quite hands off, but had a great meeting with director Rebecca Mackenzie which turned out to be a huge relief as she was on exactly the same page as me! She’s put together a fabulous cast, and I can’t wait to see what they’ve done with my words!

The Cabin on Deer Hill is set in a secluded woodland cabin. When Jodie and Christian arrive in the middle of a downpour, it’s clear that this isn’t just a bad start to a romantic getaway. Locked doors, hidden agendas and a battle for power, who is really here of their own volition? And how far will they go to get what they want?

As with all thrillers there’s secrets and hopefully you’re never sure who is planning what!

Twisted Tales runs at The Playhouse Theatre Northampton from 1-5 October 2019. Tickets and more information can be found at